At the weekend I went to a local airfield to watch one of my colleagues doing a tandem skydive for charity and I have to say it has made me really want to do one. It looks absolutely mindblowing and I thought it would be a great idea for a 21st birthday, a really memorable experience that you would be telling people about for years to come.

The typical day starts off with a training/safety session. Once you have completed this you will simply wait for your name to be called before boarding the skydivers plane with your instructor. Just make sure you don't worry as you will be strapped to them with four rock solid clamps (one of which is enough to hold you) and they are experts in this field doing several jumps a day.

If you really want to make it a day to remember you can purchase a DVD of your entire journey. Just watching the video of my colleague doing a somersault from 10,000 ft in the sky was sensational.

I am not really one to talk as I have not had the pleasure of tandem skydiving yet, but watch this space; I cannot wait until my chance arrives. Will have to wait until my next big birthday. Sigh...

If you are lucky enough to have been bought this experience or you are thinking of buying for a friend or family member then please make sure you send us your write up for others to see!

Attatched is a promotional video clip brought to you by Red Letter Days who after searching around I have come to the conclusion have the best value for money on this experience.