21st Birthday Suprise For Girlfriend

It was my girfriend's 21st birthday yesterday so I thought I would write a bit about what I did and have planned.

We were both due to go in to work in the morning, but I said I would pop round her house to see her before she left (she only lives round the corner). I had printed out some A4 'banners' and blown up a couple of balloons attached (see photo). Before I went to her house I tied four or 5 of these creations up to 5 telegraph poles along her route to work.

I then arrived at her house, gave her a couple of small presents (a box of nice chocolates, a Radley pencil case and Ipod holder) and wished her a happy birthday and proceeded to leave for work. On the way to work I recieved a phone call from her saying 'I cant believe you did that!'. Brownie point 1!

We had decided to both take a half day at work, so leaving at 12 I left to see her again. I said we could go wherever she wanted and this lead us on a road truip to Hastings for the afternoon. It was pretty windy, but as we were walking along the sea front I told her about the main present I had bought her...

21st Birthday PresentsI had booked us a fancy room in a hotel in Strand, London for when we are back from holiday in a couple of weeks. We are going to see the new Take That musical 'Never Forget' which she was ecstatic about. I was thinking of possibly going for a walk to China Town before hand to have a posh chinese meal!

Last but not least (which I can take no credit for), she is having a big party this weekend for friends and family which I will write a bit about later on as its all hush hush at the moment!

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