Things To Do In London For Your 21st

  1. 9 Visit the making of Harry Potter Studios
  2. 6 Go to the Absolut Ice Bar
  3. 5 Go and see a West End Show/Musical, our favourite being Wicked
  4. 5 Check out the world of the odd and bizarre at Ripleys Believe it or Not!
  5. 4 Take a trip on the London Eye and to celebrate your birthday, why not make it a champagne flight?
  6. 4 Go to the London Zoo
  7. 3 Go on a boat trip around london
  8. 3 Go to a see a football match
  9. 2 Go on a city cruise down the River Thames
  10. 2 Visit the London Dungeons
  11. 2 Go clubbing to one of the cities iconic superclubs such as Ministry Of Sound or Pacha
  12. 2 Book yourself into a fancy hotel
  13. 2 Take a trip down Oxford Street to do some hardcore shopping!
  14. 2 Watch one of your favourit acts or bands perform at The O2 in Greenwich
  15. 2 Check what today's deal for London is
  16. 2 Go shopping in Oxford Street in London
  17. 2 Book a private capsule on the London Eye
  18. 1 Visit Madame Tussauds and take some snaps of you and your idols
  19. 1 Watch a 3D film at the Imax cinema in Waterloo
  20. 1 Visit the Natural History or Science museum
  21. 1 Go to The Dream Idols at Aura Mayfair!
  22. 1 Go to Harrods
  23. 0 Check out the new London Bridge & Tombs Experience
  24. 0 Go sightseeing around places such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace
  25. 0 Join King Henry VIII and his friends at the Medieval Banquet

PLEASE NOTE: These ideas have been submitted by visitors of this website - they are not our direct recommendations.

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